Black Friday Deals

by mac on November 17, 2008

As every day after Thanksgiving, there are deals to be had across the country.  Wherever you are, there’s a deal to be had, but getting there is another matter.   It’s not unheard of for folks to wait in line on Thanksgiving Day and wait until 5 or 6am the next morning to rush into the store and purchase the incredible deal of the day, whether it be a new HDTV or a laptop.

As a guy who sniffs out the best deals, I am prone to waiting out in the cold like the other shoppers, but usually it’s only an hour or two before the doors open…but that behavior is about to change.

My advice to you? And myself?  Avoid the crowds altogether and spend your Black Friday at home, on your computer.  Each year, an ever increasing # of deals in the store can also be found online at the given store’s website.  Last year my wife & I were planning on freezing our butts off at Circuit City to obtain a $400 laptop.  Well, that didn’t have to happen as we were able to purchase the same laptop from their own website on Thanksgiving Day!  Hours & frozen limbs were saved from the bitter cold.

Now, not all Black Friday deals can be found online, but a good number of them will.  Keep watching the ads @ and avoid the crowds!  And, unless the Best Buy ad changes considerably, avoid that store altogether.  They have the worst Black Friday ad ever this year.  Dissapointing in this recession that they aren’t willing to host some of the excellent deals they’ve had in the past.

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