Want a new GPS, but can't afford a new model? Win one!

by mac on November 17, 2008

I just noticed that another deals site, BestGPSDeals.net is having a contest to win a brand new Navigon 7200T.  No, it’s not a Garmin, but stay with me here.  This gps not only has free lifetime traffic, but also 3d-buildings, lane-assist, and Zagat Reviews (reviews on local businesses).  And did I tell you it’s free (if you win)?

This site proclaims itself to helping you find the best GPS deals on the web…and it looks to have a lot of potential in that regard.  And running this contest would definitely make this GPS the best deal anywhere if you are the lucky dude or dudette to win it.

Now…anyone willing to pay a fair price for an old Garmin 350?  I love it to death, but I’m definitely moving up if I’m the big winner!!


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