Dissecting Restaurant.com = Is it a good deal for you?

by mac on November 17, 2008

1. If you must dine out, do so armed with a coupon.  Restaurants.com have many coupons to use in most metro areas around the country.  These coupons will cost you a few bucks, but then they are “worth” $25 w/ restrictions at the given restaurant.  Example: You use a 60% coupon code at Restaurant.com to purchase the $25 gift certificate for $4.  You then go to this restaurant, and (usually) spend at least $35 in order to qualify this certificate.  In that case, you give the restaurant $10 + tax/tip, and have already spent the $4 at restaurant.com.  Total price before coupons: $42.87 (assuming 15% tip & 6.5% tax).  Total price after coupons (assuming $4 gift cert, 15% tip % 6.5% tax): $21.87.

About half off…not too bad.  How this is calculated: I take the full price $42.87, then I add the sunk cost that I paid for the gift certificate, $4, and then subtract the full value of the gift certificate: $25.

The only catch is you’ve got to be patient and watch for the 60% deals at Restaurant.com.  They go on at least monthly, and usually for a week at a time…normally later in the month.  And of all of the different restaurants they have gift certificates for, there is a limited number of each.  New certs are available on the 1st of each month.  So the later in the month, the better promotional deals they offer, but the less restaurants available.

Watch for the coupons by signing up @ restaurant.com, then update your profile information.  Mark the checkbox at the bottom to receive the “…inside scoop”.  Next time they have a coupon, you will get an email.  Don’t bit until they’re at least 50% (off of $10 = $5).

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