Making the world a better place for everyone

by mac on December 9, 2008

What is your ultimate goal in life?  Is it to gain fame?  Achieve untold riches?  Visit the most beautiful locations in the world?  Helping others reach their dreams?   Whatever your goals are, do they include making the world a better place?

All humans in 1st-world countries have a relatively large footprint upon this planet.  We go through exorbitant amounts of waste, food, and pollution.  That’s life.  However, do we give back?

For those of you curing cancer, you’re excused.  For the rest of us, think about this…what effort do you put into recycling?  If you don’t do this little thing, start thinking about making a concerted effort to put out a brown paper bag and throw your cans & glass into it.  For bonus point, use another brown paper bag, and put your newspaper in that one.

You already recycle?  Good.  Now that you’re helping out the planet (sort of), help out your fellow man.  Say hello & smile to a cute kid at a local store, help out a confused elderly shopper, give money to a cause you believe in…just be sure that the organization is legit before you do so.

How does this post relate to this website?  Simple.  You saving money is helping everybody.  It increases competition.  Competition helps to make better products.  Good employees are needed to make these products.  Everyone wins when you save.


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