Review – Too good to be true?

by mac on May 9, 2009

generalwebsite_bidsaverI registered at a site called “Bidsaver” a few days ago to receive 10 free bids to use at their auction site via another, normally reputable site I frequent.  It sounded like an awesome deal….products (mostly electronics & golf clubs) were going for well under the regular price you find online and if few people know about the site, then the better chance my bid will win out, right?  In additional I would receive another free $20 credit to be used towards my first winning auction (after winning the auction).  Well, that was bad information.

After first signing up, I couldn’t bid until I activated my email account by clicking on a link that they will send me.  Fine, no problem.  Well, that was the first red flag.  No email ever arrived.  I ended up contacting their live online support, and he actually was helpful by manually activating my account.  It must be a recurring problem.  So great, I was ready to place some free bids using my promotional code.

Well, I failed at finding the location to enter any promo codes for free bids.  After contacting the help-guy, he flatly stated that I have to purchase a bid package in order to receive the 10 bonus bids.  What??

A few seconds later I realized that I’d need to spend at least $37.50 to receive these 10 “bonus” bids in additional to the 50 bids you have to purchase.  And you will only receive the $20 credit IF you are extremely lucky enough to win an auction.  Each bid is a penny higher than the bid before, and then the timer adds 10 seconds after each bid.  You cannot set your own bid price, just when you bid.  Looks like it’ll take several hundred bids (at least) to win anything.  And you may easily be out $100 and come away with nothing…which is how they make their money.

The old credo is true, if it looks too good to be true, and it is.  Thankfully, I was only out some time, but no actual money.

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