New Apple Tablet, ie. iTab, being anounced tomorrow?

by mac on January 27, 2010

Apple Inc - Photo from my iBook
Image by Farid Iqbal via Flickr

Apple is hosting a big event at 12pm on 1/27/10 and it is widely rumored that they will finally be announcing a tablet computer with the iPhone OS (4.0). This would be huge news and would effectively create a new genre of computing. However, the price will be high…possibly within the $700-$1000 range, and may or not be subsidized by a wireless carrier.

That may be the other big news. The carrier may be Verizon. AND, they may even announce that the next iPhone would be supported by alternative carriers as well!

The other expected announcement is the introduction of iPhone OS 4.0, which the tablet will be based upon. It’s hyped that it should include background applications, but of course there is no concrete evidence of this.

Should be an exciting day & I look forward to reading what Apple has in store for us.

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