10 reasons why the Apple iPad is unnecessary

by mac on January 28, 2010

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Steve Jobs @ Apple just announced their new table, the Apple iPad, yesterday. It sure looks nice w/ a 10″ lcd screen, iBooks app, web browsing, custom iTunes & iWork, but is it necessary?

Why it’s not:
1. No Multitasking. It’s barely ok to not have multitasking on the small iPhone, but I would want to have two apps side-by-side on the larger iPad. Fail.
2. No camera. Eh, don’t need it, but it would enable some good wifi video conferencing.
3. Huge bezel. It looks more like a digital picture frame that a computing device.
4. AT&T. You only have 1 choice of 3G vendors and it’s the wrong choice.
5. Locked down. I have a jailbroken phone, and it’s 10x better than one that is still imprisoned…give the hackers some time.
6. No Adobe Flash! You don’t get a full web experience w/o it.
7. Higher price for an iPad with 3G. Then you’ll have to pay a $15-30 monthly fee beyond that. They should be the same price and then the option of a monthly fee.
8. First generation. It’s generally a good idea to avoid buying 1st gen products. There will always be issues. Give them time to fix the problems and lower the price.
9. It’s too big. 10 inches won’t fit in your pocket like an iphone does.
10. You probably already have a laptop & a smartphone…is there really room for a product to squeeze between you other two computers?

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