New Contest from MoneyCrashers – Win an iPad!

by mac on March 4, 2010

MoneyCrashers is at it again! There will be 3 winners of a new Apple iPad. All you need to do is go to MoneyCrashers and start earning entries. Again, many of the ways to earn entries is to simply comment on their excellent financial articles or promote the contest in your own blog, twitter, facebook, etc. Easy to do, but it does take some effort.

Personally, I would love a new iPad. I absolutely love my iPhone 3GS, so I would really enjoy owning what is essentially a larger and more enhanced phone. I could definitely see myself reading more books and actually writing more blog posts if I had the device. And at $499 for the cheapest version, it isn’t a terrible deal…but still too rich for my blood.

If you’re interested in the iPad contest, and even if you’re not (donate to me), check out the moneycrashers website sometime. Sometimes they have some lively discussions via the comments under their blog posts. Great way to learn about money!

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