What will you do with your new iPad…if you win one?

by mac on March 23, 2010

With the release only weeks ago, many aspiring iPad owners still don’t know what to make of the device.  Is it an e-reader, a email machine, or a web-surfing wonder?  Or is it something else entirely?  Ok, we know what it is, but it’s essentially a new category product so only time will tell how consumers use it in their lives.

At $499 for the cheapest device, I will not be buying one.  However, I do hope to collect enough 4-leaf clovers to win one from MoneyCrashers.com.  Even if I don’t win one (so sad), I’m learning a lot from their several daily financial articles & reviews.  Good site to check out sometime.  Plus, the contests they host aren’t bad either!

Anyway, assuming you think it’s worth it, what would you plan on doing with it?  According to CNET, users plan on using it primarily for web surfing & email.  Only 26% of future owners plan on downloading apps to use on it (I expect that to increase significantly) and 36% are unlikely to take advantage of the app store.

I’d take the stats with a grain of salt since the device hasn’t even been released yet, nor is there any announced 3rd-party apps at the present time (w/ 1 exception).  There WILL be killer apps, especially since Apple is opening up the device to allow all book sellers participate and host their own stores of sort.  The Amazon Kindle app will be freely available at the start.

It’ll be exciting to watch!  I hope to join the throngs of happy new users, but if I’m not one of them, I may be a buyer when version 2.0 shows up.

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