10 ways you can use your new Apple iPad

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by mac on April 1, 2010

Now that everybody and their Mom is picking up an iPad on Saturday…or rather, you know someone who knows someone else who plans on putting up big bucks for one, what can you actually do with it?  I’ve compiled a list of some ideas that you could actually use.  Since only the wifi version is out, we’ll stick with wifi-only version for now.

1. Email – an obvious use.  You’ll be able to lounge around the house and do email on a nice little device that’s larger than an iPhone, but much smaller than any laptop.

2. Web surfing – Why boot up the ‘ol computer, when you can quickly check a few sites using your always-on iPad?  Too bad it won’t do flash.

3. Read eBooks & eMags.  Huge potential here.  The books will be in color and will support books from the Apple store, B&N, AND from Amazon.  And most books from Apple will match Amazon’s price of $9.95.

4. Games, Games, Games.  The games on the iPhone are outstanding, and all will work on the iPad.  However, expect bigger & better games on the iPad.  Developers will take advantage of the superior graphics capability & larger screen.

5. Watch Videos.  Where he iPhone is too tiny, the laptop is too big…the iPad is just right.  Carry your movies & tv shows around wherever you go and watch whenever you want.

6. Say hello to your new cookbook.  With the size of the iPad, it would be perfect as a kitchen companion displaying your entire cookbook with pictures.  Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

7. Social Media Powerhouse.  Display your entire Facebook profile, along with games.  See all of your Twitter columns on one screen.  Prepare to get social on your easy chair!

8. Blogging & Homework.  Why sit at your desk to blog when you can do so ANYWHERE ELSE?  And students can also type up their papers while sitting in front of the tv.  Then again, this may be more popular with the optional keyboard that will soon be available.  However, if an application is developed that allows for excellent handwriting recognition, this iPad will double as the best notepad money can buy.

9. Shopping.  Do your online shopping on the iPad.  Watch your HSN and buy whatever they tell you to buy instantly via your handy gadget.  That, and with wifi becoming very popular in bookstores, malls, and coffee shops, you have even more places to spend money indiscriminately.

10. Show the world that you are a true techie by showing off the latest gadget everyone is talking about.  By 2011, everyone will have one, so enjoy your greek cred while you can.

So, if you still cannot justify spendig $499+ on an Apple iPad this Spring, you could always try to win one.  There are several contests currently running where you have a chance to take home a free iPad.  Here are a few: 1) Digg & TapTapTap: 1 given away each day through April 7th, 2) Zinio: 2 a week through April 25th, and 3)MoneyCrashers: 3 given away on April 16th

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